person mowing the lawn with a push mower

Find the Lawn Care Equipment You Need

Keep your Amarillo, TX yard in top-notch shape with quality garden tools

Keep your lawn looking fresh throughout the year with dependable lawn care equipment. We have everything you need to improve and maintain your property’s beautiful landscape. Some of the lawn care equipment you’ll find at our store includes:

We have lawn mowers available for rent, as well. If you only need to use a mower once, rent one from us to save money. Call today to discuss your lawn equipment needs.

5 benefits of buying a new lawn mower

Pride Home Center sells and rents lawn care equipment in Amarillo, TX. Buying a new lawn mower is a smart investment because it will:

  • Improve the look of your yard
  • Save you money by eliminating future repairs
  • Be less harmful to the environment than your old mower
  • Allow you to try a different style of mower
  • Use less fuel

Drop by our store today to find all of the garden tools you’ve been looking for.